Big Canoe Project

Launched By: 

Dr. Tom Potter

$5,040.00 raised of $10,000.00 goal

Runs from: 

Wednesday, February 20, 2019 to Saturday, December 31, 2022

Refurbishing Lakehead's Current Big Canoe Fleet

The big canoes are powerful tools the School of ORPT can use to connect students to the community, land, culture and heritage.  They will be used for extended wilderness field courses, outdoor skills and theory and group dynamics development, part of student orientation, student recruitment and community engagement programming.

The funds will be used to repair and refurbish at least one of Lakehead University's four big canoes.  This includes but isn't limited to:
•    Replacing woodwork (e.g. gunwales, keels, ribs)
•    Assessing and reinforcing composite hulls
•    Designing new seats and thwarts that will strengthen and reinforce hulls

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Jennifer Bulloch
Andrew Gibson and Family. HBOR ‘96
Dan & Allison Green (Holmes)
Don Chevalier
Kim Caruso
Mary Lynn Dingwell
Stephanie Zacharuk
Jesse Pierce
Janet Littlejohn HBOR 2003
Kyla Johnson
Bernard Marion
Paul Copeland
Joe Cruise
Janet Barlow HBOR83
Chris Suessmilch