President McPherson's Tribute Fund

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Office of Sustainability

$4,576.00 raised by 31 supporters

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Tuesday, April 18, 2023 to Friday, July 28, 2023

Throughout her tenure as President, Dr. McPherson has been recognized for her unwavering commitment to sustainability at Lakehead University, and for her efforts championing the measurement of the societal impact of the university through the lens of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

President McPherson's Tribute Fund - Office of Sustainability

Lakehead University's Strategic and Academic Plans include commitments to social responsibility, partnership, and to advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, acknowledging that many social, economic, and environmental changes are magnified in the communities Lakehead serves. These commitments and the University's work to advance work in these areas over the past five years, are positioning Lakehead as a beacon, both locally and globally, as a leader in sustainability, social justice, and Indigenous education, helping to develop a more resilient and equitable future.

During her tenure, President McPherson has championed the role that universities can, and should, leverage and mobilize education, research, relationships, assets, resources, scale, reach, and influence to pursue societal solutions and significantly transform the systems needed to address society's challenges.

Supporting these efforts, in 2019 Lakehead University launched its inaugural Sustainability Plan. This comprehensive Plan provides a roadmap for the sustainability of the institution's academics, operations, engagement, planning and administration. While implementation of the Plan is a collective effort across the University, the Office of Sustainability oversees its fulfilment.

Recognizing the remarkable work associated with these pan-university initiatives, and their lasting impact, a special tribute fund has been established in honour of Dr. McPherson's to support the continued development and implementation of the Lakehead Sustainability Action Plan.

Individuals are invited to donate to this fund to support the Office of Sustainability in its mission to implement the Sustainability Plan.

Every gift to this fund will support the development of capacity, including support for growing the number of student internships and other experiential learning opportunities in the Office of Sustainability.

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