Submit a Project


What are the criteria to submit a Lakehead Giving project?

Projects suitable for Lakehead Giving have to demonstrate some benefit to the student experience, a particular faculty or the University as a whole.  

Your project will be reviewed by staff the Philanthropy Leadership Group of External Relations for final approval and posting to the site. Be sure to include contact information so that they can reach out if there are any questions.

Additional requirements:

  1. Select a Lakehead University project that would appeal to a diverse audience and can be shared in a simple way.
  2. Identify a group of “champions” or leaders that will assist in promoting the project. These champions will ensure the proper launch of your project and ongoing promotion throughout the duration of your campaign.
  3. Provide high-quality photos and/or videos to accompany your project and help enhance your project's appeal.
  4. Ensure proper authorizations and signatures are collected prior to submitting your project.
  5. All submissions are subject to final approvals by the Philanthropy Leadership Group of External Relations.


Project Information

This image will be used on the main giving site and as the main image to showcase your project. To ensure optimal viewing, it should be 600px wide x 350px high (600 x 350px).
Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg png.
Complete project description with full details to be used on the project page itself.
A very short, concise description designed to draw attention to your project. This will be used on the main Giving page, and in any media to describe your project.
Must be a full budget code including object code (XX-XX-XXXXXXXX-XXXXX).