IFBC and ISLM will offer delegates an engaging program with international speakers from academia, industry and government. The conference will provide a venue for genuine discussion and discovery about the Forestry Biorefining field, the latest innovations and advancements, and the future impact of biomass on the socio-economic fabric of our communities, regions, and nations.

The goals of the conference program are to:

  1. Update progress made in biomass research and development;
  2. Bring together and form alliances between academia, industry and government to fill knowledge, policy and commercialization gaps surrounding the potential that is imbedded in biomass and biorefining innovation
  3. Advance the development and deployment of biomass biorefineries and the maturation of the bioeconomy.

Our program will showcase new developments affecting the Forest Biorefining field with content from the world’s leading experts and most influential keynote speakers. The conference is guaranteed to bring fresh perspectives and to challenge your thinking.

Please check back for the full program announcements.