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Welcome to
Telling Our Own Stories: Self-Determination in Data and Research 
Virtual NAISA Regional Gathering

I am pleased to welcome you to the Telling Our Own Stories: Self-Determination in Data and Research, two-day virtual NAISA Regional Gathering hosted by the Anishinaabe Kendaasiwin Institute (AKI) at Lakehead University.

This gathering provides space to highlight and support the work of Indigenous scholars, communities and nations that are reclaiming their roles as storytellers for the betterment of their peoples and for the health and integrity of mother earth.

Indigenous data and research sovereignty is Indigenous self-determination and by reclaiming our roles as data stewards we can tell stories steeped in our own intellectual traditions that advance decolonial futures.

Dr. Lana Ray (Waaskone Giizhigook), Anishinaabe/Opwaaganisiniing
Conference Chair

Assistant Professor, Indigenous Learning, Lakehead University
Director, AKI