Keynote Speakers

Dr. Stuart Shanker is Distinguished Professor Emeritus at York University and the founder of the MEHRIT Centre. He is an acclaimed author and international speaker best known as Canada's leading expert in the psychophysiological theory of self-regulation. Dr. Shanker's most notable works include: Self-Reg Schools: A Handbook for Educators (2021), Reframed: Self-Reg for a Just Society (2020), and Self-Regulation: How to Help Your Child (And YOU) Break the Stress Cycle and Successfully Engage with Life (2016). Dr. Shanker has traveled internationally, speaking with researchers, teachers, parents, and clinicians, sharing critical research about the importance of self-regulation in helping individuals manage their stress and mental health so that they can thrive in their community.

Dr. Susan Hopkins is the Executive Director of the MEHRIT Centre, an organization committed to disseminating information about self-regulation. Susan holds four degrees including a Masters in Educational Technology and a doctorate in Educational Leadership. Over the course of Susan's career, she has been a teacher, school administrator, inclusive schooling coordinator, curriculum developer, educational researcher, and leader. She has worked in every area of education from the early years to post-secondary, in remote northern schools in the Department of Education, and in international communities that include Italy and the Northwest Territories. A passionate advocate for young adults, families, and communities, Dr. Hopkins is dedicated to the self-regulation framework which supports calm, alert, young adults flourishing in physically and emotionally nurturing environments. She has facilitated presentations both nationally and internationally in the area of self-regulation.


Mr. Bruno Bilotta

Ms. Ilona Brodi Da Silva (Glow Personal Training)

Ms. Ida Maria Carriero (Founder and Youth Ambassador for Youth 2 Youth Global)

Dr. Gerald (Gerry) Costa (Montclair State University, Department of Family Science and Human Development)

Ms. Jennifer Della Mea (Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board)

Mr. Adrian DiCarlantonio

Dr. Marie Edwards (The MEHRIT Centre)

Dr. David Firang (Trent University, Department of Social Work)

Dr. Les Fleischer (Lakehead University, School of Social Work)

Ms. Claudia Flores Moreno (Lakehead University, Joint PhD in Educational Studies student)

Ms. Cornelia (Connie) Gale (Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board)

Ms. Allison Gardiner (Lakehead University, Faculty of Education, student)

Mr. Evan George (Lakehead University, School of Social Work, graduate student)

Dr. Michael Hoechsmann (Lakehead University, Faculty of Education)

Dr. Angela Hovey (Lakehead University, School of Social Work)

Mr. Eric Lehman (Trent University, PhD Candidate)

Dr. Meridith Lovell-Johnston (Lakehead University, Faculty of Education)

Dr. Sonia Mastrangelo (Lakehead University, Faculty of Education)

Dr. Joseph Mensah (York University, Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change)

Dr. Gary Pluim (Lakehead University, Faculty of Education)

Dr. Teri Rubinoff (Queens University / The MEHRIT Centre / The Mentoree)

Dr. Anne Showalter (The MEHRIT Centre)

Dr. Brenda Smith-Chant (The MEHRIT Centre)

Ms. Alexandra Thompson (Lakehead University, Faculty of Education / School of Social Work)