Welcome from the Conference Organizers

Welcome to the 1st Applied Self-Regulation Knowledge (ASK) Conference in beautiful Orillia, Ontario. We are thrilled that you have decided to join us for this 2-day event at our 500 University Avenue Campus. The theme of our conference is Enhancing the Well-Being of University Students and we hope that you will acquire new information and insights from our wide array of accomplished speakers. We will have a networking event on the last day of the conference, where you will have an opportunity to meet scholars, practitioners, counselors, and mental health coordinators. We look forward to seeing you on May 11th and 12th, 2023.

About the Applied Self-Regulation Knowledge Conference

The ability to remain calmly focused and alert during times of stress is at the core of effective self-regulation (Shanker, 2012; Vohs & Baumeister, 2011). Unfortunately, the pandemic brought on many stressors for university students who faced social isolation with the migration to online learning spaces, reduced communication with peers, and the inability to engage in extracurricular campus events. Research reveals that the aftermath of the pandemic continues to have detrimental effects on the mental health and well-being of university students as reported by counseling centers across university campuses (Patterson et al, 2021). Findings demonstrate that pandemic isolation has contributed to the increase in mental health challenges being experienced by post-secondary students. For instance, the restrictions imposed to limit transmission along with the direct impact of the virus itself profoundly affected daily life and well-being, resulting in heightened anxiety and reduced access to usual coping mechanisms including exercise, socialization, and leisure activities (Appleby et al, 2022). Remote teaching and social distancing measures implemented across institutions dramatically changed campus life. Students experienced ongoing disruption to their learning, assessment, and schedules, and the cancellation of enriched learning opportunities including travel opportunities, laboratory courses, fieldwork, and learning exchanges further compounded the problem.

The purpose of this conference is to bring together the university community and community-based mental health organizations to share information about the support that can result in improved mental health outcomes for university students. Drawing on presentations from students, parent advocates, and scholars, this conference will provide a space for the exchange of knowledge about mental health and well-being and evidence-based support with the goal of improving outcomes through knowledge mobilization and dissemination.

This conference is funded through a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Connection Grant (6011-2022-0428) granted to Dr. Sonia Mastrangelo, Principal Investigator.

Conference Details

Join us at Lakehead University’s Orillia Campus on May 11-12, 2023, for the Applied Self-Regulation Knowledge Conference. Plenary speakers are Dr. Stuart Shanker (The MEHRIT Centre) and Dr. Susan Hopkins (The MEHRIT Centre). Highlights of the conference include a Student Speaker Series, as well as talks from academics, practitioners, and parents from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Registration for the conference is $175 + HST.

Orillia Campus Map

Parking is available on campus and parking fees have been waived for conference attendees and presenters. Kindly print and display the parking pass on your vehicle’s dash for the duration of the conference.