Achievement Program

Launched By: 

Amanda Stefanile

$450.00 raised of $5,000.00 goal

Runs from: 

Thursday, July 12, 2018 to Thursday, April 30, 2020

The Achievement Program encourages students to believe in their highest potential and supports their journey into postsecondary education. The Program’s purpose is to open doors for students throughout Northwestern Ontario who may face socioeconomic barriers to a university education. It’s about giving young people the opportunity to realize their dreams.

Student Eliza Paul reflected on the impact the Achievement Program has had on her life in a 2018 Globe & Mail article: "It has changed me, sort of changed my life.  It made me have confidence."  To read the full article, click here:

How the program works:
Lakehead University partners with local and regional school boards to enroll students in grade four who face socioeconomic barriers to postsecondary education.  Students continue with the program until grade twelve, and they have annual opportunities to earn financial support by completing specific requirements (achieving academic success, participating in extra-curricular activities in their school and community, and attending on-campus, grade-specific programming at Lakehead University.)

Upon completion of a high school diploma or an equivalency certificate, the accrued financial support will fund each Achievement Program participant's first year at Lakehead University (to the equivalent of first year tuition and ancillary fees to an undergraduate degree of their choice.) Participants can also use this financial support for other education-related expenses. 

In addition to meeting specific annual requirements, students and their families are also provided with athletic and academic tutors, financial literacy and education workshops, and a student speaker series which brings in programming to their school twice a year.

Starting in grade four on, we want students and their families to feel very familiar with Lakehead University and to see themselves coming here for postsecondary education.  We want students to see Lakehead University as THEIR university.

The Achievement Program has two funds to be able to contribute to:
1.  Financial Support for Achievement Program students to pursue postsecondary education; and

2.  Programming for Achievement Program students to participate in annually in their schools and on our campus.  Funds will help support students by providing them opportunities to connect with the university through recreational, educational and cultural programming.

The Achievement Program helps students build confidence as they pursue their dreams.

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