Reflections & Guiding Questions

As educators we often are so busy throughout the day, we do not have enough time to thoughtfully reflect on our lessons, and how they landed for students. We often move from activity to activity without thinking about the impact we have on students and their learning.

Over the course of this conference, we have opened you to many new ideas, concepts, strategies and ways of knowing. We have stretched your thinking about the way educators typically teach. Just as we would with students, we want to provide you with time to reflect on your learning, growth and next steps. We have some guiding questions for you to consider and, just like your students, we know that you might just need time to process and let ideas percolate for you. Take that time. Reflect on your learning in a way that is best for you.

Guiding Questions:

  1. What was your initial thinking about Indigenous mathematical ways of knowing?
  2. Has your thinking changed? How?
  3. Are there some new concepts, strategies or ideas you want to explore?
  4. In what ways might something illuminated at the conference change your instructional practice?
  5. Who will you need to meet, learn from, and extend invitations to?
  6. How might you make connections where you are with Indigenous community partners to engage in this work?
  7. Who will you need to enter into conversations with in order to make this feasible?