For Project Leaders

What kind of projects can be submitted?
Projects suitable for Lakehead Giving have to demonstrate some benefit to the student experience, a particular faculty or the University as a whole. As Lakehead is a registered charity, Lakehead’s External Relations department manages the site and issues charitable tax receipts for all gifts made to projects. Therefore, projects must demonstrate the aforementioned qualities to qualify for charitable receipts in order to be compliant with the Canada Revenue Agency.  Projects which are designed to directly benefit one student are not suitable for Lakehead Giving.

All projects need a committed faculty/staff/student champion who is willing to spearhead the fundraising initiative over a set period of time. We are looking for exciting projects that showcase the depth and breadth of the many ways the Lakehead community exemplifies the exceptional and unconventional.

What is an appropriate funding level for student, departmental and faculty projects on this platform?

With some exceptions, Lakehead Giving will accept projects with goals between $500 and $25,000.

Who can submit a project?

Any member of the Lakehead community can submit a project for consideration. The decision to approve the project remains with the External Relations department.

How much information do I need to provide?

Lakehead’s External Relations staff will polish your submissions but the more details you have in regards to the project, the easier it will be to understand the scope and meaning of the initiative.  See "Submit a Project."

Who decides which projects are posted on Lakehead Giving?

The Philanthropy Leadership Group, comprised of AVP External Relations, Annual Fund and Alumni Engagement Director and Manager, and the Philanthropy Director will determine which projects will be added to this platform based on the above criteria and expected fundability.

How do I access the donations?

Funds will only be deposited in a university account or designation associated with your project. External Relations will work with you and, where appropriate, a university representative to ensure the funds are available to you in due time.

What makes a good crowdfunding project?

There are several factors that are consistent in successfully funded projects, and will be critical to the success of the projects at Lakehead. During selection, these factors will be carefully considered:

  1. A passionate project champion who is willing to dedicate significant time and energy to the project, is technically savvy and can speak knowledgeably about the relevance of the project.
  2. A strong community and network of friends and supporters; the larger the network, the better. These people will become advocates and donors for the project.
  3. A social media presence; ideally across multiple channels but most importantly on Facebook and Twitter. Frequent and regular posts by the project champion before, during and after the initiatives are optimal.
  4. A robust set of visual materials to support the written descriptions – videos, photos and audio are all proven to contribute to the successful funding of a project.
  5. A relatable, relevant and compelling cause that people will care about and be proud to support. Ideally, something with real, tangible outcomes that can be readily shared. 
  6. A reasonable, achievable goal is critical. Crowdfunding typically secures donations less than $100, so a large number of donors is needed.
  7. A sense of urgency in the need for the project funding.


Once my project is approved, how can I help it succeed?

  • Share the story of your project using various mediums. Create a buzz by posting on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Email your friends and let them know what you are trying to achieve.
  • Give. Make your own personal gift to put your money where your project is.
  • Talk to your personal networks before you start and ask them to help your project get off the ground.
  • Steward. Even once the project has reached its financial goal, keep Lakehead, your social network and your donors and supporters up-to-date on the success of your initiative. This will ensure donors will be interested in future Lakehead Giving projects and highest priority needs.